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Assignment 1




1. This assignment has a TWO (2) questions. You must write in English only.

2. Your assignment should be typed on A4 paper using 12 pt Times New Roman and 1.5 line spacing.

3. This assignment carries a 30% weightage towards the final grade.

4. This assignment should be prepared individually.

5. Your assignment must be submitted to the tutor.

6. Your assignment must be submitted before or by the 4th tutorial. Submissions after deadline are not acceptable.

7. Your assignment should be limited to 10 – 12 pages only.

8. This assignment will be evaluated on the basis of the accuracy of the answers given and the credibility of the supporting arguments, data and references.

9. Plagiarism in any form is prohibited. Plagiarised materials would not be accepted and no marks would be awarded for the work.



You have been invited to present a paper and talk titled ‘Making Effective Oral Presentations in English in an Academic Context' to a group of English language instructors at a local university. The paper will be distributed to the audience before your talk. Do the following to prepare for the presentation:

1. Write the paper using these headings/sub-headings and others that you may decide to use:
• Introduction – what are oral presentations, outline academic contexts where English is important, need for speech training in English, etc.
• Speaking in a formal academic context - brief description of the transactional model of (oral) communication, academic and professional public speaking skills and strategies, importance and types of audience analysis, etc.
• Preparing an oral presentation – setting and audience, purpose and topic, structuring the presentation, choosing appropriate support materials, rehearsing the presentation etc.
• Making an effective oral presentation – introducing the topic, presenting the content, drawing a conclusion, tips for effective delivery, etc.
• Summary of the paper and concluding remarks
(15 marks)

2. Prepare 12 -15 MS PowerPoint slides based on the content of your paper for a 30 minute talk. Use phrases rather than whole sentences to write the text of your slides. Use numbered/bulleted lists to organise and present main/supporting ideas on a given slide. Make your slides visually interesting by using suitable colours for the background and embedded symbols and pictures as appropriate.
(15 marks)

[Total: 30 marks]



1. Refer to Module Topics 1, 5, 8, 9 & 10. Summarise the information as much as possible to highlight what needs to be done to make effective oral presentations and why the procedures are necessary.

2. Search the Internet using Google, Yahoo or any other suitable search engine for more information. Use various combinations of the keywords such as oral presentations, effective oral presentations, oral presentations in English, making oral presentations, etc. Remember to source information from reputable websites such as university or college sites.

3. Note the URL or web address of useful websites that you access. Write down also the author and page title (if available), and the date you accessed the page so that you can include the information in your references page at the end of your paper.

4. Use a uniform colour scheme for the background in your MS PowerPoint slides. Make sure that your text in the slides is not too wordy. In other words, do not merely copy and paste paragraphs or even whole sentences from your paper. Summarise and use numbered lists and/or bulleted lists to present your main ideas and supporting points. Remember that you are preparing the slides to talk about the ideas contained in them, not to read continuously from the slides!

5. Use pictures and/or drawings to make your slides interesting but these graphic elements must be relevant to the content of your presentation. If you want to link short video clips to your presentation, do talk with your tutor to see if it may be feasible.



1. Please help the students structure both their paper and the MS PowerPoint presentation slides. Check to see that the headings and sub-headings of the paper and the slide presentation form a coherent whole. Advice students so that they are able to revise their work accordingly.

2. When possible, assist students with accessing the Internet for relevant information that they can use in their paper or presentation. Advice them about how they can avoid plagiarism when sourcing information i.e. by summarising, paraphrasing, quoting, commenting on and documenting the information that they obtain from various sources. Tell them how to use the APA style (6th ed. if available) of documenting resources/references.

3. Examine/Mark student assignments and enter the respective student’s marks into the OMES.


You are allowed to submit ONCE. Once submitted, assignment is FINAL.

Including your front page, content and conclusion - ALL IN ONE FILE

Only files with the following extension are allowed to be uploaded:-
.doc, .xls, .ppt, .pdf, .xlsx, .docx and .zip

Please be advised to use the following naming convention to name your file for assignment online submission:

The following penalties will be given in the case of plagiarism :

Academic Integrity and Plagiarism
Degree of Overlap ----- Prescription
Less than 10% -------------Accept
10 to 30% --------------------20 % penalty
More than 30% -------------Zero marks for assignment

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